Event Marketing

We create and execute marketing driven evenents. These events have as most important purpose to be a supporting and informative channel for an industry, an association or a NGO. It is a marketing instrument that sets in motion different communication tools.

A few examples of these events:




This yearly award, shortly named AMMA, has an objective to promote the advertising and media profession by showcasing the best work of media expertise. More particularly research, mediaplanning and strategy, innovation & development and new and creative ways to use media (traditional, digital and all other vehicles that can carry a message).

Professional jury's evalute the cases and jury members are selected from all areas of the communication industry (advertisers, media agencies and media companies).

Role of E-Frame:

  • Academic part: accompany of jury selection, inviting the market to send in their best cases, communicatieon planning, setting up the voting system and tool
  • Ceremonial part: definition of the theme, organisation of the ceremony, communicationplanning
  • Recrutement of sponsors and partners
  • Publication of magazine



With the YMCE award, we wish to support and give extra value for young media planning talent.

In order to show & to promote the power of the new channels combined with classic & interactive media, we are organising an international competition among these young media planning professionals. We challenge young media planners to be as inventive and innovative as possible building a multi media strategy  based on a real briefing from an advertiser (often at their premises).

Role of E-Frame:

  • Concept and organisation
  • Communicating with market and partners
  • Publishing of video and magazine about award experience


Commissioned by the Belgian Newspaper Industry, E-Frame organised an event to challenge companies (often young startups of companies with new products or services) to introduce a case to for the npowerment challenge.

By means of well argumented case dossiers, these companies needed to show why their product/service or company would be eligible for a free advertising campaign in all Belgian newspapers (the award price).

The Partners:

  • the marketing association of newspaper publishers in Belgium: free media space
  • BECI (Brussels Chamber of Commerce)
  • E-Frame: concept and organisation, development of the different communicationtools